Coverstory : Spoiledjr555,fashion queen.

July 2, 2008

When I first saw Gitane,or Spoiledjr555,(Gitane is a nickname!) I really thought she was clever…Very clever…

So how do you feel about this introduction?

Terrified.I don’t know what people will think about me.

Really?So what is your fashion aura?

Fashion aura?Whatever I love to wear!

Are there any people you really admire?

Yeah.(Laughing!)Lilysan & VittoriaRavena.

Hmm…Interesting.What is your opinion about Paris Hilton?

She’s good at hotels!But she needs not to go out to so many parties.I think she should become a mother and might become more mature,at all!


My pleasure!

So if I tell you our introduction is finished what would be your answer!??

Really!Not kidding?Good Luck to the mag!

Gitane has a unique fashion sense.Something classy and cool.Not a Fashion Victim,a Fashion Icon!She loves baggy and original…Go girl,you are amazing!


One Response to “Coverstory : Spoiledjr555,fashion queen.”

  1. Gitane Says:

    Thanks for starring me in the July issue! I think I could have done better…oh, well! 🙂

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