Fashion tet-a-tet:Kat Von D

July 2, 2008

Kat has now got her own Sephora series…Something pin-up inspired,tattoo packed,dark,read and her…

Red lipsticks,blue,black shadows,polish,eyeliners at the weirdest colours…

Her new collection is coming to Stardoll as well.Make your medoll a pin-up girl,build your own legendary style with cocoa shadows,red lipsticks and a grey eyeliner…

Don’t get scared…It’s bold and unique…

One of the well designed-tattoo inspired packets of lipstick…Check it out at Sephora stores.Both in Stardoll and real life!


One Response to “Fashion tet-a-tet:Kat Von D”

  1. Lori Arnell Says:

    That lipstick looks amazing, but then again so is Kat von dee

    where can you buy them from?


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