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July 3, 2008

Check it out!


Introduction to destruction July 2008

July 3, 2008

Are you all right?Excited?Bored?Whatever,I am here blogging a little bit more,changing your view,making legend…Too legendary!!

New issue with better graphics,more themes and an amazing covergirl & coverstory.News and tips about being a Fashion Queen,Chiclicks,fashion tet-a-tets,make-up maniacs,stories,amazing graphics,made by me!!!A Fashion report…July is here…Hottest than ever…July’s 4th is U.S.A’s day,according to Stardoll whom has a collection in U.S.A’s colours…!!!Be yourself,be a mystylemag reader!

Haha!!Check this piece out and bring cheers to your eyes!!!

Marriage au noir…

July 2, 2008

With all those lovely graphics,aren’t you getting married gawz?
There’s nothing missing…Bouquets of flowers,long dresses,white shoes a mosquito net…Interior decoration with roses,white and pink.Big tables,curtains,cygnets!

Getting married at beach is maybe Stardoll’s theme….I really like it!Any girl,who loves fairytales and preppy things like this would LOVE,LOVE,that , wouldn’t she?

Coverstory : Spoiledjr555,fashion queen.

July 2, 2008

When I first saw Gitane,or Spoiledjr555,(Gitane is a nickname!) I really thought she was clever…Very clever…

So how do you feel about this introduction?

Terrified.I don’t know what people will think about me.

Really?So what is your fashion aura?

Fashion aura?Whatever I love to wear!

Are there any people you really admire?

Yeah.(Laughing!)Lilysan & VittoriaRavena.

Hmm…Interesting.What is your opinion about Paris Hilton?

She’s good at hotels!But she needs not to go out to so many parties.I think she should become a mother and might become more mature,at all!


My pleasure!

So if I tell you our introduction is finished what would be your answer!??

Really!Not kidding?Good Luck to the mag!

Gitane has a unique fashion sense.Something classy and cool.Not a Fashion Victim,a Fashion Icon!She loves baggy and original…Go girl,you are amazing!

Grecian Style…Too hot!

July 2, 2008

Ancient Greek ladies surely had a great fashion sense…Not only that they were very intelligent,unfortuanelly they had no big rights…But when it comes to fashion,Ancient Greece is a good inspiration,especially for Alberta Feretti.

A bit adding of accesories,a small luxor diamond is able to make you look gorgeous…Earrings in Grecian Style,bracelets or a pretty pair of heels…

Online??Haven’t you seen?Voile shop is full of 3 exclusive Grecian dresses to wick you…Cheer up…You can be top fashionable…

Don’t forget to check it out at Voile stores,before it’s gone!

Fashion tet-a-tet:Kat Von D

July 2, 2008

Kat has now got her own Sephora series…Something pin-up inspired,tattoo packed,dark,read and her…

Red lipsticks,blue,black shadows,polish,eyeliners at the weirdest colours…

Her new collection is coming to Stardoll as well.Make your medoll a pin-up girl,build your own legendary style with cocoa shadows,red lipsticks and a grey eyeliner…

Don’t get scared…It’s bold and unique…

One of the well designed-tattoo inspired packets of lipstick…Check it out at Sephora stores.Both in Stardoll and real life!


July 2, 2008

I love stylish girls,like Gemma_W

First,this outfit is trendy and luxor…I adore the chains,but the black-white combination is a perfect and chic combo…Of course,those Fashion Frenzy shoes make me melt…

When it comes to style there are lots of experts…There are lots of ambitious gals,with talent on designing,gorgeous taste and every charisma…

Go Gemma,go!


July 2, 2008

Leopard clothes,brown skin,big smile and sun kissed body is so in…Isabella.Arci knows that very well,as a true elite…A cool mix n match,luxor combined with gold…

Golden bracelets,valuable earrings,a well made brand bag…

Well done Isabella,you know style better!


July 2, 2008

Yve Saint Laurent is ne more great designer leaving the world at a quite young age,too young for death,71.All fashion industry is shocked as Yves Saint Laurent is one of the best designers,of all ages…

Dresses in maximalistic inspiration,maxis and all well designed…


Even if he’s not someone we know personaly,death is so sad…RIP YSL.

Fashion Report!

July 2, 2008

Beach Bride…

Sugary dresses,bows,jackets,celebs…

Pink,hot sugar-colour,blue of sky…

What’s your dream wedding…??Keep eyes open,this collection is inspired by Roberto Cavalli,mouche colours,modern bow-minis and every little cool wardrobe blah!

Really,true fashionistas mustn’t miss it!!!