Fashion Report!

July 2, 2008

Beach Bride…

Sugary dresses,bows,jackets,celebs…

Pink,hot sugar-colour,blue of sky…

What’s your dream wedding…??Keep eyes open,this collection is inspired by Roberto Cavalli,mouche colours,modern bow-minis and every little cool wardrobe blah!

Really,true fashionistas mustn’t miss it!!!



July 2, 2008

Wish we have kept you such a great time!!Look forward to next issue for more tet-a-tets,fashion reports,stylish gals and great,plus homemade graphics!!

Introduction to destruction…

June 30, 2008


What a nice season,it really inspires me…First of all this magazine is made for real girls,fashionable and original!

We are taking a stroll around stardoll and take photoshots of the most originally fashionable girls,it’s all folks!You might be lucky enough,and be featured…Isn’t that right?No complaints needed,I am trying to be fair!Our camera has taken shoots of Hotbuys,DKNY,Every new collection and fashion….Be bold,be creative,be you!


Fay (Fayasi)

Issue’s theme :Sunkissed flowers…We are collecting photos!

This issue’s Covergirl : Verojun

Fayasi sends you big kisses!

Remember to check out the second issue as well!

It reminds me of this Collection at X-mas…

June 30, 2008

DKNY is one of the most stylish brands,for sure…Nothing can combain luxury with this blackie little dress,Donna Karran designed at Christmas…The swarovski make it unbelievable and cute,both chic and always fashionable…Now,if we are concerned about Stardoll,it’s not there at all…Check out StarBazaar and be sure to find it…Last but not least…!!!

I want a bag!!!

June 30, 2008

I want one of those handbags now…!!!

OK…This is the kind of bag every Pucci-lover should own…!!Patchwork,beautiful worked,clorful and cheerful,spend some times back to 80’s…

Stardoll has brought some of those bags at Starplaza…Run,Mary,run…!!!

Dina t’ adore…

June 30, 2008

Cool wax,Versace shirt.

Amazing ballroom skirt

Pretty in Pink maxi.

Gorgeous,ready for the ball…Our style-addiction!

Beach admire!

June 30, 2008

E60’s look…

Polkadot bikini

A cute brief and a gorgeous hat…

Be ready for the beach!

Next stylish gal…

June 30, 2008

Valerie...Cute DKNY swimsuit,wow!

Nicely  combined with this pretty black bag!

Bow-heels & a corsett…

Beach lovers,chic lovers,this outfit is only for you!

Black is always in…

June 30, 2008

Steelone! Chic Chanel bathingsuit

Big glasses,to furnish the look…

Black little bow,not only for fun!!

Big heels,pink n black…

Lovely YVL patchwork bag!

Chic,blackle & cool…This outfit matches the true fashionistas ONLY…

Try our Stardoll fashions and be the next Covergirl…Why not in real life as well?